Turkish Residence Permits Procedures of The Foreigners

1- Residence Permit for Work:

In accordance with the 2nd Paragraph of the Article 3 of the Foreigners Law No.5683, foreigners who have come to Turkey in order to work should be issued residence permit in any case before working and within a month following their arrival.

Foreigners who have come to Turkey in order to work and obtained work visa abroad, should be issued residence permit at the latest within 30 days following their arrival and before working.

2- Interruption in the ...

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Residence Permit in Antalya

If you would like to get a residence permit in Antalya you have to choose right type of application that suits you. Because there are different kind of residince permit and the one you apply for depends on your condition.

The most common residence permits are listed below;

  • Touristic Residence Permit;

Touristic residence permit allows you to stay in Antalya or any city in Turkey max. 180 days in one year. If you have touristic residence permit you have to leave the country ...

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How To Get A Residence Permit in Turkey

All foreigners have to apply for residence permit if they wish to work or stay longer than they are allowed with their visa.

For touristic purpose short-term residence in Turkey, the applicant should submit the following documents to the Turkish Immigration Office

  • 4 passport size photos
  • Passport copy
  • Photocopies of the following pages of the passport: the page bearing the applicant’s photo, the page stamped at the last entry, the page indicating the validity and expiry dates of the ...
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